Social Justice Committee

What is Social Justice?

Social justice is the assurance that each person has equitable access to basic, fundamental human rights – those that belong to each person simply by virtue of being a human being.

Basic human rights include access to:

  • Adequate, healthful, nourishing food
  • Adequate shelter
  • Clean air
  • Clean, potable water
  • Education
  • Equitable public/campus safety
  • Healthcare

Mission Statement
To provide opportunities to enlighten and inspire our university community to thoughtful reflection, conversation, and action on issues of social justice.

Vision Statement
To inspire the WVU Tech community to create a future in which equity guides interactions, innovation, and inclusion.

Values Statement
Focusing on the universal human yearning to belong – that is the desire to feel supported, respected, and appreciated for who you are – we embrace the power of ideas to: 1) create awareness and develop innovative solutions for human problems, 2) change attitudes and lives, and 3) improve human interaction. In addition, these ideas inspire us to work with others and strive towards human rights for all peoples.

Committee Members
Becky Brouse, Sports Information Director
Christopher Clay, Digital Content Creator
Jonathan Freeman, WVU Tech Student
Alex Gray, '20, North Charleston Community Center Program Coordinator
Angela Peterson, WVU Tech Accounting and Finance Faculty
Scott Robertson, Assistant Dean of Students
Emily Sands, Dean of Students
Katie Sauls, Director of Counseling
Janelle Sewell, WVU Tech HR Partner
Jen Wood, '01, Chief of Staff / Executive Director, University Engagement